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Voice search is a convenient way to find information you’re looking for by just using voice. Users are now able to speak to devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri and quickly access the information they are wanting to access; without lifting a finger!

In short, text searches rely on keywords typed into a search engine, while voice searches use spoken questions and responds with answers. This significantly changes how marketers must optimize their websites and content because people speak differently than they write. Voice Assistants are becoming more and more popular. As this trend continues to rise, it is important for businesses to make sure their website is optimized for this type of search.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it’s faster and easier to speak your question than to type it out. Users can simply say the keywords or phrases that you’re looking for, and your smartphone or device will automatically pull up the results. This can be especially useful when you’re on the go and don’t have time to fumble with your phone or type out a long query.

Users typically are using a voice assistant to quickly find out a business’ location, hours, phone number, services or products your company offers, whether you deliver and even more.

Local businesses looking to reach their local audience, can highly benefit from Voice Search. When potential customers in their areas use their voice enabled devices, like Google Assistant, Cortana, or Siri, to look for information, you want your business information to populate under those search results. Being listed and optimized will help increase your traffic by ensuring that your website is ready for voice search queries.

Google is always looking for ways to make your life easier, and one way they have done this? by allowing you speak with an internet-connected device instead of typing or tapping! You can access Google Voice Search on any mobile phone that has voice recognition capabilities as well as computers, and Google’s own smart speaker, Google Home or Google Assistant. By simply saying, “Ok google find me a business that sells fresh flowers near me” they find a local business quickly and effortlessly.

Our team here at Alexa Business can assist with this process for you.  Our voice search optimizations services will not only get your business location, phone number, hours, services and products you offer on the directories accessed by the Voice Assistants, but we make sure your content is optimized so that it is being found on those platforms.

Call us directly, fill out a contact form online, or send us an email. Our contact information can be found here on our contact page.

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