How to List Your Business on Amazon Alexa

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Search engines are the modern hub for business marketing.

Companies are constantly fighting for top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs) because they bring immense online traffic to their businesses. Similarly, Alexa Business Listings is Amazon’s way of getting your business out to relevant prospects.

It allows you to push your business and its information to potential customers when they perform a voice search on Amazon Alexa.

Let’s discuss how to list your business on Amazon Alexa, optimize it for voice searches, and the importance of doing so.

The Importance of Alexa Business Listings for Your Business

Voice search has quickly gained traction in recent years owing to its ease-of-use and the rapidly increasing sales of IoT (Internet of Things) devices like Amazon Echo devices. Such IoT devices feature voice assistance software that can understand your verbal queries and respond with accurate answers.

In the case of Amazon, Alexa is the name of their voice assistant. Most people use voice searches when their hands are occupied or when they need answers. Voice search makes things easier because they do not have to type queries or read search results, Alexa does it for them.

This is incredibly useful for local small businesses. People use voice searches to find all sorts of local businesses like nearby restaurants, takeaways, pharmacies, mechanics, and the list goes on.

If your business is listed on Amazon Alexa and optimized correctly, it can be the first search result for anyone who performs a relevant Alexa voice search in your area. The potential for your revenue to increase becomes incredibly high with voice searches.

How to List Your Business on Amazon Alexa

Listing your business on Amazon Alexa alone will not get you the results you want, you will also have to optimize your listing, website, and blogs. This will increase its chances to be the first mention when someone asks Alexa for a relevant query.

Here is how you can list your business on Amazon Alexa and optimize it.

  • Claim Your Business Listing

Like most voice search software, Alexa uses online directories to retrieve business information. If you want your business to have any chance of being listed on voice searches, you will have to claim your business and provide its complete information on the directories that Alexa accesses.

You can also sync your business information to these directories by using a voice listing service like Alexa Business.

  • Utilize Correct Keywords

Voice searches typically contain longer sentences than a common search engine search query. These longer sentences have more words known as long-tail keywords. These are different from typical keywords because they have more sentence-like words.

This is why when you create your keywords list for the content of your website, consider adding long-tail keywords for a more optimized voice search.

  • Mobile Optimization

Often people use voice searches on their mobile devices. This is even more common when they are out or driving. This is why it is important to optimize your business, website, and content for mobile users.

This means optimizing your website and content for the smaller screen of a mobile device. Mobile optimization is key for topping on any voice search software including Amazon Alexa.

  • Generate “Best” Reviews

When someone performs a voice search like “best family dentist”, only the dentists with a 4-star rating or higher will be listed. Naturally, you want your business to be among the best. You can increase your chances of being listed as the best by generating high-rated reviews for your business.

This is not that difficult, and you can easily ask your satisfied customers to give your business an online rating. If these customers are happy, they will likely give you a 4-star rating or higher ratings.


Voice searches are getting better and better every day. This technology will only improve with time and soon it will become the primary method for quick searches. Having your business listed on Alexa Business Listings and optimized is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Following the mentioned steps will help improve your chances of being mentioned and increase your business’s traffic and revenue. If you want to learn more about how to list your business on Amazon Alexa or about Alexa Business, please visit our website today.