How To Improve Your Business Content For Bixby Voice Search

How to Get Listed with Bixby | Bixby Set Up Near Me | Voice Search

You know about Alexa and Siri, but how well do you know Bixby? 

As a small business, it helps to know how to get listed with Bixby. Bixby is a virtual assistant provided by Samsung and was first introduced on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in 2017. Today, you can use it on virtually all Samsung products and devices.

There are many ways you can interact with Bixby, such as voice, text, or tapping. Much like any other virtual assistant, it can carry out a variety of tasks, like providing weather information, and sharing an address for the closest bakery.

As a small business owner creating a marketing strategy for voice searches, it helps to know all the big players in Voice. Fortunately, optimizing for Bixby is a lot like optimizing for other virtual assistants. The following strategies will help your business get recognized.

Know the Industry

It’s important to know what your customers expect to see after performing a voice search with Bixby, but it’s also important to know what search engines, like Google, expect. Search engines expect businesses to know how to optimize and what new features to utilize to stay up to date with the latest changes. 

For example, Google My Business listing is a business profile that has become more important in recent years, which is why Google is continuously adding new features to it. Google (and your customers) also expect businesses to utilize the featured snippet spot, which means optimizing your content to immediately answer searcher’s questions while using Bixby.  

As you can see, it’s crucial to understand the industry to ensure your business is effectively optimizing its content for voice search. Not only is it important to know what strategies currently work, but which will become more significant in the coming years.

Research Your Competition

How frequently do you research your competitors’ digital marketing strategies? 

Hopefully, you know their business like the back of your hand – or, more aptly, like you know your own business. Competitor research has always been an important marketing strategy for businesses to stay ahead. There are tons of free and affordable tools to see which targeted keywords your competitors are using and how these keywords were chosen. Once you understand their strategy as well as your own, you can build an effective keyword list.

Keyword Research

Most digital marketing campaigns revolve around quality keywords and your campaign for voice search should be no different. As a result, it’s very important to optimize your content for voice search, paying more attention to long-tail keywords. They are more important than shorter keywords because they do a better job mimicking the way people speak. When searching for a nearby therapist, which way are you more likely to form the search query?

  1. Hey Bixby, therapist near me.
  2. Hey Bixby, where can I find a therapist near me?

Knowing how people ask questions through voice search will go a long way during keyword research.

Improve Website for Voice

If you already have content that targets important keywords, don’t remove it. Instead, optimize the content that isn’t performing well or could perform better. For example, you may need to edit your content to include more longtail keywords. In addition to improving old content, make sure to create new content with voice search in mind.

Content is king but improving your website does not begin and end with your content. Consider your website’s load time, for example. If it’s taking too long to load, this can drastically affect your bounce rate. After all, people’s attention span is likened to that of a goldfish – when they’re performing voice searches, they’re probably in rush to get things done. As a result, it’s more important than ever to improve your slow website, so people don’t bounce off too soon.

Alexa Business Can Help

We understand that implementing these strategies may seem impossible while you’re running a business. The good news is you’re not alone. Contact the team at Alexa Business and we’ll show you how to get listed with Bixby. Call (844) 757-6806 today to learn about our packages: Alexa Business Pro or Alexa Business Lifetime.